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More questions

There are many questions we have when death occurs to a person. Among them we can summarize the most common ones and with the advice of our staff we intend to solve them.

What to do in the event of death? The first thing to do is to contact the insurance company where he/she had hired the funeral insurance. In case no funeral insurance
has been contracted just contact with our Funeral Home and we will advise you on all the formalities to carry out.

What kind documentation is required in case of death? You will need personal identification as DNI / Passport. Ask the doctor for the medical certificate of death. A doctor can be either the one who has treated the deceased or any other who can confirm the certainty of death.

What to do if I wish to transfer a deceased? Funeral companies are responsible for providing joint or indistinctly shuttle services, handling and fitting out of cadavers. For transfers within the Community, it is not necessary health authorization for transfer, except when that may suppose a health risk to the funeral staff, as well as the population or when the transfer is carried out later than

I have a niche in property. Is it possible to incinerate a family member and place it in the same one? The answer is yes if there is no space limitation.

Can I reduce the remains of a family member buried years ago? Yes, always and when it is permitted by the rules of the place. You have to keep in mind that there is a time limit of 5 years for the exhumation and for a subsequent reduction.