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We offer...

  • Support staff
    24 hours a day.
  • We offer complete
    funeral services.
  • Provincial, national or
    international transfers.
  • Catalog of coffins
  • Commitment

Other facilites...

  • Florist
  • Marble mason's
  • Printing
  • Aesthetic
  • Legal
To offer advice to the family of the deceased when a death occurs, moving into the place of death, (to a hospital, a home or where death has occurred). This staff shall be responsible for obtaining the death certificate, registration of the death in the Civil Registry, obtaining the license to provide burial, authorization for airport transfers, etc...
Adapting it to the different situations and to the customs or preferences of the client.
Provincial, national or international transfers.
We have a large catalog of coffins in best qualities.
Commitment to transparency and quality in the management of the funeral service.
We run all kinds of crowns, centers and floral decorations.
Where we make all kinds of tombstones, engravings, ossuaries etc. We take care of the placement and the necessary arrangements for it. We have a wide exhibition and catalog of tombstones. We have the most modern techniques in the realization of tombstones, as the laser, sandblasting, relief, photo ceramics, etc...
Obituary notices, reminders, publication arrangements of death notices at the newspapers, etc.
We offer aesthetic adjustments at the request of the family, such as makeup, reconstructions, etc..
Legal Advice and processing of documents. We have attorneys available to all clients to advise and explain different documents as death certificates, last wills, wills, advice on inheritance, settlement of inheritance taxes, etc...